Sunday, 9 December 2012

xOxO ;)

Wah, lisa surihani pon da macam gossip gurl, xOxO! hee style la plak kn Lisa dlm Istanbul Aku Datang. Anyway, im publishing dis new post not to talk bout dis film.  xOxO-kisses n hugs. juz please, do not focus it towards kinda relationship between boys and gegurl.  Yaa, we can apply it to our family and frens.  I always miss my mom, no matter die xingat pon nk col kite.  But im trying to call her every single day.  Never mind la mama rase rimas or wat,hee.  Family is juz my everything n we must remember Allah can take them anytime He wants.  So, please treasure this moment! XOXO ;)

"Let's take a moment to say ALHAMDULILLAH for everything we have"


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